The EAFE Conference

EAFE holds an academic Conference every two years in spring, each time in a different European country. The conference is open to members and non-members and we aim to attract consultants, industry members and policy makers to our conferences as well as researchers and academics. It features presentations by keynote speakers who have made a significant contribution to fisheries economics.  Themed parallel sessions allow researchers to present and discuss papers relating to the topics. There is also a session for papers outside the conference themes and round table discussions on key policy issues in European fisheries.
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The EAFE General Meeting

The EAFE General Meeting now takes place every two years during the Conference. The General Meeting is only open to members and includes:

  • President’s report
  • Treasurer’s report on the accounts
  • Election of bureau members


Workshops on topics of key importance are organised every two years when there is not an EAFE conference. These workshops are designed especially to encourage dialogue between policy makers, industry businesses and researchers and may be put on by any member with the endorsement of the bureau. More academic workshops to enable members to discuss ongoing research can be organised by any member with the agreement of the bureau.


EAFE Events

From time to time the EAFE bureau or members may identify opportunities to fulfill our objectives via extra events.

EAFE collaborated with MEPs to offer, in December 2011, an informal workshop with six expert presentations on reform of the Common Organisation of Markets within the Common Fisheries Policy.  The workshop was very well attended by MEPs and was an excellent way to fulfill our objective to serve as a channel of communication and alert MEPs to EAFE as a source of expertise.


Staying in Touch

EAFE members receive email updates with news from the bureau and each other about research, publications, conferences and events.  All members can share items using this service.
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