New management issues within the reformed Common Fishery Policy:
implementation and socio-economic impacts

28th – 30th April 2015 - at University of Salerno, Italy



EAFE 2015
Programme and Papers

The XXIInd Conference of the European Association of Fisheries Economists will be held in Salerno from 28th to 30th April 2015.

It is organised by NISEA, Fisheries and Aquaculture Economics Research, Salerno and DISES, Department of Economics and Statistics Sciences, University of Salerno.   The theme of the conference is "New management issues within the reformed Common Fishery Policy: implementation and socio-economic impacts" . The conference is intended to provide a forum for the dissemination of recent advances in capture fisheries and aquaculture economics and management and to promote discussion amongst researchers, managers, policy makers and other stakeholders in the fisheries sector. The conference also aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion within the review of the Common Fishery Policy.   Conference proceedings will be published as an e-book on a CD with ISBN. A prize will be awarded for the best student paper.   Contact Email:

Conference Organising Committee

Loretta Malvarosa, Rosaria Sabatella, Evelina Sabatella, Monica Gambino, Maria Cozzolino, Paolo Accadia, Dario Pinello.

Scientific Committee

Gianluigi Coppola (University of Salerno, IT), Ikerne Del Valle (University of the Basque Country, ES), Bertrand Le Gallic (Un

The specific themes of the XXIInd Conference are :


  • Fishing effort management
  • Impact assessment of management plans and bio-economic models
  • Fisheries economic dimensions of the CFP landing obligation
  • Fishermen’s behaviour, economic entrepreneurship in a changing environment
    • - Rights-based management approaches
    • - Community-led local development (CLLD): new opportunities
    • - Social dimension of fishery and role of small scale fishery
  • Markets and marketing of fish products
    • - Market benefits from eco-labeling/certification
  • Competition between recreational and commercial fisheries and the resulting management dilemma: who is getting the fishing rights?
  • Marine strategy: Economic Indicators for sustainability monitoring
  • Best practices in aquaculture sector
  • Economic data collection, new data needs and best practices

Special Session

Implementing the landing obligation under the new CFP
Coordinator: Erik Lindebo (Senior Consultant, Environmental Defence Fund (EDF) - Europe/UK)


Ernesto Penas Lado European Commission DG-MARE Director of the Directorate A, Policy development and co-ordination Christopher Costello Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics - University of California, Santa Barbara Audun Lem Deputy Director FIP, Secretary FAO COFI FT, GLOBEFISH Coordinator, FAO – Rome


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Conference papers and video

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