Santiago de Compostela
2-4 April 2019

Gonzalo Rodriguez (USC), Leyre Goti (TI), Ignacio Llorente (UC), Nathacha Carvalho (JRC), Bertrand Le Gallic (UBO)

Programme : http://recherche-amure.prod.lamp.cnrs.fr/eafe/eafe_2019_programm_v3-2/

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Themes of the Sessions (regular and special sessions)

  1.  Implementation of the CFP: Landing Obligation; Quota management in mixed fisheries – assessing value of the quota and fleet-fishery dependence; Impact assessment of management plans; Incorporating stakeholders in fisheries management; Brexit, Regional approaches in the seafood sector (including e.g. input-output analysis; regionalization, etc…)
  2. Access to fisheries and the right to fish; Internationalization of quotas and fishing fleet ownership; Long-distance fisheries
  3. Markets and marketing of fish products; Market benefits from eco-labelling/certification
  4. Aquaculture: Best practices in management and commercialization; Costs and benefits of aquaculture regulations in Europe
  5. Economics of climate change in fisheries
  6. The role of Small-Scale Fisheries
  7. Legal aspects of fisheries management (processes, impacts; consistency with commercial laws)
  8. IUU fishing
  9. Blue Economy / Blue growth
  10. EMFF, WTO, SDG & Subsidies Reform
  11. Social dimensions (including e.g. Collection of social data, the use of off-shore contracts in EU fisheries)
  12. Recreational fisheries
  13. Interdisciplinarity (and the Integrated Ecosystem Assessments)
  14. ICES WGECON: new Working Group, needs and priorities