It is organized by EcoPesca (Fisheries and Natural Resources Economics Research), University of Santiago de Compostela:

The theme of the conference is “Searching the blue: economics of the post-millennial fisheries and aquaculture”.

Programme :

The conference is intended to provide a forum for the dissemination of recent advances in capture fisheries and aquaculture economics and management and to promote discussion amongst researchers, managers, policy makers and other stakeholders in the fisheries sector. The conference also aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion within the review of the Common Fishery Policy.

A prize will be awarded for the best student paper.

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Themes of the Sessions (regular and special sessions)

  1. Implementation of the CFP: Landing Obligation; Quota management in mixed fisheries – assessing value of the quota and fleet-fishery dependence; Impact assessment of management plans; Incorporating stakeholders in fisheries management; Brexit, Regional approaches in the seafood sector (including e.g. input-output analysis; regionalization, etc…)
  2. Access to fisheries and the right to fish; Internationalization of quotas and fishing fleet ownership; Long-distance fisheries
  3. Markets and marketing of fish products; Market benefits from eco-labelling/certification
  4. Aquaculture: Best practices in management and commercialization; Costs and benefits of aquaculture regulations in Europe
  5. Economics of climate change in fisheries
  6. The role of Small-Scale Fisheries
  7. Legal aspects of fisheries management (processes, impacts; consistency with commercial laws)
  8. IUU fishing.
  9. Blue Economy / Blue growth
  10. EMFF, WTO, SDG & Subsidies Reform
  11. Social dimensions (including e.g. Collection of social data, the use of off-shore contracts in EU fisheries)
  12. Recreational fisheries
  13. Interdisciplinarity (and the Integrated Ecosystem Assessments)
  14. ICES WGECON: new Working Group, needs and priorities


Scientific Committee:

  • Gonzalo Rodriguez (USC)
  • Leyre Goti (TI)
  • Ignacio Llorente (UC)
  • Nathacha Carvalho (JRC)
  • Bertrand Le Gallic (UBO)
  • Antonio Álvarez Pinilla (UO)